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Hiller Enterprises (HE) Open Car Loads of Fun™ for model train flatcars, gondolas, and hoppers; and model vehicles such as flatbeds, gondolas and dump-trucks are hand crafted in the USA in limited quantities. Pipe Loads of Fun™ are available or can be constructed for G, O/O27, S, HO, N, and Z scales. Mineral and Material Loads of Fun™ are available in O/O27, and can constructed for other scales to order.

In-stock quantities are limited because I build most Loads to order. 1-5 Loads can be built within 1-2 weeks from the order date. Larger quantities/orders (6+) take longer to construct. Loads not listed are special orders. Special orders generally take more time to build and may be more expensive.

To insure accuracy of Load fit (actual/scale dimensions and shape), we may need you to provide us with a sample car which we will return to you.

Some loads we sell are not manufactured by HE. They are noted accordingly.

Scaled Tin Rail Colorado (STRCO) products are produced off-site by “outside” manufacturers. A few QSI products can be hand-made and/or repaired at our Longmont, CO location. Contact us for details.

Hiller Enterprises and the Scaled Tin Rail Colorado thank you for choosing our services and products, and placing your order.


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