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I observe the rails, rail yards, highways, parking lots, and review literature for examples of “open-car” loads in order to develop “new” Loads of Fun™. One of my favorite sites for observing pipe loads has been the Bethlehem Steel mill in south Harrisburg, PA., along and south of I-76, just before crossing the Susquehana River. I haven’t been there in a while I think it was a casualty of the decline of the US steel industry and Bethlehem Steel in particular. In all cases I will try to meet your requirement/request for load type, shape, color, and dimensions. Photos are the best source of data. I strive for realism, but I’m not beyond “the Load as a toy” which can be whatever you imagine. In fact I’ve found that plastic tape spools when stacked and glued make excellent liquid-holding tanks whose scale volume can be calculated!


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