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Mineral and Material Loads of Fun™

There are currently no in-stock items available for Mineral and Material Loads of Fun™.

Our Mineral and Material Loads of Fun™ are generally made to order. However, we stock some Loads. If the load(s) is(are) in our stock (available), we will ship immediately. If the load(s) is/are not in stock, we will need to build the load. Load(s) construction take(s) 1 to 3 weeks to complete; Possibly more if it’s complicated and/or modeling materials are not available.

Mineral and Material Loads of FunTM are manufactured to fit all makes, models, and scales (G, O/O27-, S-, HO-, N-, and Z-) scales for all 2-and 3-rail manufacturers of Flatcars, “Log-dump” cars, Gondolas, and Flatbed Trucks and Trailers. G-, HO-, N- and Z-scales Loads are special order items. If you are concerned about the “fit” of the Load, call, email or send us a note with a photo or drawing INCLUDING the inside dimensions of the ore/hopper car opening: Length, Width, Depth.

All our Mineral and Material Loads of Fun™ are hand-crafted in Longmont, Colorado, USA., and are manufactured to fit all makes, models, and scales ( of hoppers, gondolas and flatcars; and flatbed trucks and trailers.

Our Loads represent ballast/gravel, coal, iron ore, and pipe prototypes described below. The Load profile or shape will vary depending upon the prototype modeled. Mineral Loads vary from relatively flat; to a gradual hump; to distinct 1, 2, or 3 humps, steep or shallow. Pipe Loads vary according to prototype modeled. All Loads can be made to order. Specify mineral type and color and your profile preference, if any.

Please refer to our Loads of Fun Modeling Page for comprehensive descriptions of the Materials and Pipes we model.

We have no G- N- OR Z-SCALE MINERAL LOADS in stock. Our HO-scale mineral loads are plaster castings. We have a limited quantity of HO coal and gravel loads available for Athearn® and McKean® Hoppers at $1.50 for a package of 2 loads.

If you have QUESTIONS about our Loads or pricing, please CONTACT ME at 303-678-7840 and/or at before ordering. This saves confusion on my part, and possible consternation and disappointment on you part. Special Orders and large quantities take longer to manufacture.


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