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Pipe Loads of Fun™

*10L 4443 O-O27 Pipe Load Glossy Tan with yellow pipe separator rope on flatcar
There are currently no in-stock items available for Pipe Loads of Fun™.

Pipe Load(s) of Fun™ are available for G-, O/O27-, S-, HO-, N-, and Z-scales for 2-and 3-rail manufacturers of Bulkhead flatcars, Flatcars, “Log-dump” cars, Gondolas, and Flatbed Trucks and Trailers.

Please refer to our Pipe Loads Modeling page for comprehensive descriptions of the pipes we model.

Please Note:

Add $5.00 to the list price for each pipe load for the addition of the “yellow” rope pipe separator. This rope surrounds and separates each pipe from its neighbor to help prevent pipe coating abrasion.

Add $10.00 to the list price of each pipe load to construct a “Twin-Stack Pack”. Twin stacks are 2 shorter stacks of pipe having the same dimensions as the full-length version.

The load dimension in inches is provided in the dark blue product title text.

The scale load dimension is provided in the product description box below the price.

Pipe Loads are in part described by the number of pipes in each layer starting with the bottom layer, e.g. 3 pipes + 3 pipes + 1 pipe = 3+3+1 = 331, and further described as a 10’L or 10L pipe load which is ten (10) actual inches in length.

Our pipe loads are not stocked in-depth because customer requests are specific. Therefore, often and if not always, we build your pipe load(s) to order. This takes time; We covet your patience. REHJR.


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