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Pipe Loads of Fun™

*10L 4443 O-O27 Pipe Load Glossy Tan with yellow pipe separator rope on flatcar

Pipe Load(s) of Fun™ are available for G-, O/O27-, S-, HO-, N-, and Z-scales for 2-and 3-rail manufacturers of Bulkhead flatcars, Flatcars, “Log-dump” cars, Gondolas, and Flatbed Trucks and Trailers.

Please refer to our...

Mineral and Material Loads of Fun™

Our Mineral and Material Loads of Fun™ are generally made to order. However, we stock some Loads. If the load(s) is(are) in our stock (available), we will ship immediately. If the load(s) is/are not in stock, we will need to build the ...

Miscellaneous, Shows, etc

These are items which we typically do not stock, but will sell during a train show or special event.


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