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Welcome to Hiller Enterprises LLC (HE LLC) and The Scaled Tin Rail Colorado (STR CO)

Hi, I’m Bob Hiller, Owner, Hiller Enterprises LLC™ (HE LLC™) and The Scaled Tin Rail Colorado™ (STR CO™), thank you for considering me for your Open Car Loads of Fun™, other products, services and sales.

STR CO™ is the model trains sales, service, repair, ands sound and control systems installations division of Hiller Enterprises LLC.

Since 1978 STR CO, formerly The Scaled Tin Rail LLC, Flagstaff, AZ., under the ownership of Art Boyton, deceased, specialized in selling, installing, repairing, servicing, and supporting all QSIndustries® (QSI®) O-scale-3-rail sound and model train control electronics products.

However, as QSI’s O-scale 3-rail product line production and support has ceased, QSI’s O-scale 3-rail products line has become very scarce if not impossible to find, purchase, sell or support. Hiller Enterprises LLC has decided to end its involvement with and is disposing of the QSI O-scale-3-rail aspect of it’s business, including parts, related equipment, hardware, software, products, etc. with exception of QSI Live Action Sound Unit (LASU) equipped freight cars. Call or write for car type, pricing, and availability.

Hiller Enterprises LLC is NOT looking for a technician versed in the QSI O-scale-3-rail product and services line.

HE LLC-STR CO continues to sell QSI Solutions products depending upon availability.

All other products and services may be obtained from QSI (Kelly Dorf) and Sgt. Shultz Trains (Lale Schultz).

If you wish to contact me for any reason, especially to discuss the particulars of your order and/or to tailor your order, email me at or phone 303-678-7840.

Prices for all my products, services and sales of model trains and related items are subject to change without notice.*

Shipping and Handling costs are determined by size and weight of the shipped items and the location the items are going as well as the shipping company used: USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.*

Hiller Enterprises manufactures and sells Open Car Loads of Fun™ including:

Pipe Loads of Fun™. These Loads are my signature product line for all scales, makes and models of model train gondolas, flatcars and flatbed vehicles. For details about my Pipe Loads “click” on Pipe Loads Modeling. If you don’t find your particular Pipe Load on our website, contact me with your specifics. We will every effort to accommodate your needs.

Pipe Loads of Fun™ are designed and built to 1) look like the real thing; 2) represent a specific prototypical pipe diameter (See NOTE 1 below.); and, 3) fit within the inside length (IL), inside width (IW) and inside height (H) of your gondolas, flatcars, bulkhead flatcars and flatbed vehicles.

Pipe Loads of Fun™ are labeled according to model railroading scales (Z, N, HO, S, O, G) or some other scale fraction; length in “real” 1 to 1 inches; pipe coating color; the number of pipe layers e.g. 4+4+4+3 is a 44443 pipe load (See NOTE 2 below.); and whether “yellow rope” pipe separators are required. Yellow plastic rope is typically used to protect each piece of coated pipe.

Z-scale Pipe Loads of Fun™ are priced at $10.00 per inch in length for all pipe layer configurations.
See NOTE 3 below.

N-scale Pipe Loads of Fun™ are priced at $2.00 per inch in length for 21 and 22 pipe layers, $2.50 for 321 or 332 pipe layers, or noted otherwise within this website.
See NOTE 3 below.

HO-scale Pipe Loads of Fun™ are priced at $2.50 per inch in length for the 44443 layer configuration. If an HO 321 pipe load with 1/2 inch actual pipe diameter is desired the price is $2.00 per inch.
See NOTE 3 below.

S- and O-scale Pipe Loads of Fun™ are built with 1/2 inch “actual” diameter pipe, are priced at $2.00 per inch for 321 or 332 pipe loads, $2.50 per inch for 443 pipe loads, and $2.50 per inch for 4443 pipe loads.
See NOTE 3 below.

NOTE 1. Pipe diameter. I generally use plastic pipe of a diameter that looks good for a particular scale and closely resembles a generally used prototype diameter. However, I will try to match your specifications. If I cant’, I will contact you to discuss your options.

NOTE 2. Pipe layer nomenclature. A 4+4+4+3 or 4443 pipe layer designation or similar numbering means from the bottom of the pipe load to the top there are 3 layers of 4 pipes, and 1 layer of 3 pipes. This scheme is used throughout my pipe loads product line. For more or fewer pipe layers, contact me for pricing.

NOTE 3. Pipe Length and Pricing. The longest pipe length I can build for you without “welding” additional pipe is 14" actual length. The price of my pipe loads is calculated by multiplying the length of a particular layer configuration, e.g. 4443 by the cost per inch of pipe load. I round the length to the nearest whole inch with the 1/2 inch mark as the break point between rounding lower or rounding higher. EXAMPLE. A 7 and 3/8 inch length is considered 7 inches for pricing. A 7.5 inch to an 8 inch load is considered an 8 inch long load for pricing.

Mineral and Material Loads of Fun™. These noteworthy Loads in my product line model different coal (, iron ore, ballast, and gravel

is Mineral and Material Loads of Fun for all makes and models of model train flatcars, gondolas and hoppers, and vehicles hauling these products.

We can build-to-order most any open car load representing metal shapes and scraps, wood, and other material “shapes” based on your model railroad and trucking needs.

Liquid Storage Tanks The Liquid Storage Tanks product line models storage tanks for fuels, oil, water, and other liquids.

Special Purpose Cars™. This product line features model train flatcars modified to haul Lego® style building block creations; and model train stock- and boxcars equipped with QSIndustries® Live Action Sound Units™(LASU’s).

Hiller Enterprises also sells:

Railroadiana. This sales line features railroad related “paper” items, art, artifacts, and other goodies. Contact us for catalog or list of items.

Model Trains and related items. We buy and sell model train sets, locos, cars, accessories, and other items. See our Trains, Tracks, and Accessories for a limited selection of O-scale 3-rail Lionel, K-Line, Mike’s Train House (MTH), Atlas and Weaver products; and a limited selection of N-and HO-scale trains. Sales stock is limited. Contact us for details.

Hiller Enterprises services include:

Custom Detailing / Painting / Lettering. SUBJEC TO THE AVAILABILITY OF DECALS, DETAIL PARTS,ETC., HE LLC provides custom detailing/painting/lettering for The Alaska Railroad – ARR (our specialty), and other railroads as requested. We have an extensive library of books, information, references, photos and slides on the ARR. However, we can model whatever road you like if photos, details, paint, and decals are available. In most cases you provide the car, locomotive, or caboose. Custom work and manufacturing is time consuming. Allow a few weeks to months for the project. Contact us for details .

Model Layout Design and Construction. HE LLC provides VERY LIMITED model RR layout planning, construction, scenicking and operations advice. We are generally not in the model trains layout construction business. However, we have an associates and friends who are very experienced in this area and might be interested in contracting with you for this service. Contact us for details.

Thank you for your business. Bob Hiller, Owner, HE LLC and The STR CO


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